TSS Mobile Field Force Combo Course Flyer


Course Description
This rigorous and physically demanding (40hr.) course is structured for Law Enforcement Professionals and designed to give you an excellent understanding of Mobile Field Force and the use of the riot shield during crowd-control / riot situations.


Unique to this class is the 2-3-man cell developed by Tactical Shield Solutions. Officers will learn how to operate as an individual 2- or 3-man cell while operating on a mobile field force line and as a whole team utilizing the riot shield during practical drills.  Officers will also be taught the command structure of the line utilizing additional Team Leaders to control the movement of the officers and formations. Officers should be in good physical condition for this class and are required to actively participate in their training.


Officers attending this course will have a better understanding of Mobile Field Force and the Riot Shield and how it can be used as a defensive and offensive tool during Mobile Field Force operations. Once trained, Officers will be better prepared for these types of situations thus reducing the liability to the department.

Officers are required to bring their Protective Riot Gear to include:

  • Helmet with Face Shield and extended Neck Protection (If Available)
  • Chest / Back Protector / Knee and Elbow pads / Protective gloves
  • Shin Guards / Riot Shield, Riot Baton


Disorder Control Operations Train the Trainer

Disorder Control Train the Trainer Flyer

Disorder Control Operations: Effectively Dealing with Civil Disorder, Riots, Protests, & Demonstrations – TRAIN THE TRAINER
This is an INSTRUCTOR -Level Course for Law Enforcement Officers

As peacekeepers, the police are challenged to maintain order. When the peacekeepers, the police, are being specifically targeted by protests against them, especially those that are racially charged, the challenge is greater. As these protests and civil disorder incidents become more local and diverse, the challenge is especially greater for the agencies that lack training, resources and most importantly, manpower. Smaller agencies are at a major disadvantage as seen in agencies across the US. However, with proper training, officer injuries can be reduced or avoided, public perception can be increased, protester violence can be prevented and the length of protests can be lessened.
This TRAINER – LEVEL training program will provide the thorough understanding of exactly what has to be done and how it has to be done as it pertains to civil disorder, whether passive or violent. From exposing the contemporary issues fueling protests to specific civil disorder tactics and effective police disorder control techniques, this training program will effectively prepare agencies, officers and commanders. Keeping manpower and resource limitations in mind, this program will train the trainers who will train their agency’s officers to deal with civil disorder efficiently, safely and legally while protecting the rights of local uninvolved citizens and protesters alike.

Course Topics:
• Exposing Civil Disorder today, its evolution and issues
• The Modern Protester: From AntiFa and Anti Police Groups to Many Other Modern Protest Groups
• Dealing with Demonstrations and Riots by Local Citizens as well as Professional Protesters
• Recognizing Protest and Anti-Police Tactics used by protesters and agitators
• The role of the police in balancing the right to assembly as well as protecting life and property
• The importance of community relations and its use during civil disorder
• Planning police actions to effectively manage civil disorder incidents
• Analyzing the potential threat from local and external organizations
• Developing and utilizing Mutual Aid Agreements with other agencies
• Tactics for effectively dealing with civil disorder, violent protests, officer rescue, looters
• Tactics for arrests and removing violent persons
• Rapid Mobilization and Deployment of Police resources
• The importance of Intelligence in managing civil disorders
• Handling and using the Media; and many more topics!
• Disorder Control Instructor Tactics, Instructor and all Instructor Materials


DATE: Sept 23rd -25th, 2020 TIME: 8AM – 5PM (Day 3 is a half day)
ATTIRE: Jeans, sneakers/tactical gear. Riot duty Gear encouraged – No Live Weapons
LOCATION: Topeka Police Dept Training Facility/Nickel Armory 2722 SW Topeka Blvd. Topeka, KS 66611
HEALTH SAFETY PRECAUTIONS WILL BE IN PLACE: Face masks/hand sanitizer will be made available
REGISTRATION FEE: $395.00 per person