LT Ron Ekis

LT Robbie Simmons

Director of Training
  • 13 years law enforcement experience
  • Patrol, Community Policing, School Resource Officer and Field Training Officer
  • Patrol SGT, ATV OIC, Community Policing SGT and Field Training Supervisor
  • Watch Commander
  • Previous Defensive Tactics Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Physical Training Instructor, Field Training Officer
  • BCJ, Washburn University; MCJ, Wichita State University
SGT Ruben Salamanca

SGT Ruben Salamanca

Assistant Director of Training
  • 21 years law enforcement experience
  • Patrol, Anti-Crime Unit, Gang Intel Unit, Violent Crimes Task Force, Narcotics Unit, Organized Crime Unit
  • Nationally recognized gang and narcotics expert
  • National trainer, presenter and consultant
SGT Vidal Campos

SGT Vidal Campos

Recruiting and Hiring
  • 16 years law enforcement experience
  • Patrol Officer, Community Police Officer, School Resource Officer, Gang Unit, Narcotic Officer, KBI TFO, ATF TFO
  • 4 current instructor certifications
  • Hostage Negotiator-10 years
  • United States Army Infantry Veteran
SGT Matt Cobb

SGT Matt Cobb

Full-Time Academy Instructor
  • 13 years law enforcement experience
  • Patrol, FTO, Bicycle Unit, Detective, Patrol Supervisor
  • 8 current instructor certifications
  • Glock and AR-15 Armorer
  • BBA, Baker University
  • United States Marine Corps Veteran
SGT Travis Jepson

SGT Travis Jepson

Range Master
  • 17 years law enforcement experience
  • 13 years SWAT experience
  • Certified NRA Handgun, Shotgun and Patrol Rifle instructor
  • Certified Glock and AR-15 armorer
  • Certified Specialty Munitions Instructor (Defense Technology and Combined Tactical Systems)
  • Law enforcement and civilian active killer response instructor