Teaching Diversity: Instructor Skills for Promoting Inclusion, Anti-Bias and Justice Education

Teaching Diversity_2021_Topeka

Successful completion of this program will prepare officers to conduct diversity training within their
organizations and academies.
Law enforcement is charged with relating to all segments of their communities in a fair and impartial manner.
Familiarization with communication styles, customs, language and behavior patterns of various cultures,
ethnic groups and non-traditional populations will strengthen the quality of police services and departmental
image. This course will offer several strategies for improving community relations and workforce diversity.

• Linking multicultural education to
enhancing officer safety
• Leveraging cross-cultural
communication styles to minimize
• Embracing procedural justice to ensure
citizens are treated with dignity, respect,
and given voice
What People Say
“This entire week was eye-opening and
awesome. The course was fantastic. The
instructors, the interaction, the activities and
the national diversity among the group were