One on One Control Tactics

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“Training to Save Lives”

One On One Control Tactics (O3CT) is an Instructor Level Course designed for the realities of law enforcement officers, the conditions they work in, and the restrictions placed on them by the public, department policies, as well as state and federal statutes. It is one of the few systems to integrate handcuffing into its overall methods – teaching officers to establish and maintain control prior to the actual application of handcuffs. The system is medically reviewed and supported as safe for officers and suspects. It is court defensible with documented support in its effectiveness and low instance of complaints or injuries. Expert testimony and medical review of techniques are available.
This course is designed to teach law enforcement officers techniques to use in everyday duties such as:
 Escort holds
 Grip/clothing breaks
 Handcuffing
 Take-downs
 Weapon retention
 Self defense
 Ground skills
 Edged weapon defense
 And reduce liability for your department using tested and effective compliance methods!

“The One on One Control Tactics (“O3CT”) system has been extensively reviewed by the Department considering factors such as 4th Amendment compliance and applicable legal precedent, tactical soundness as well as medical validation of the different techniques utilized by the system. During the time the Department has used O3CT, the City has not had a sustained complaint or been involved in any litigation involving the techniques taught by the system.” – Luther L. Ganieany, Jr. / Police Legal Advisor

Date: May 18th- 22nd, 2020 TIME: 8 AM to 5 PM
Location: Topeka Police Department Training Facility 2722 SW Topeka Blvd.
Topeka, KS 66611
Registration Fee: $250.00
Registration Contact: Laura Stuhr or 785-368-2400 or SGT Ruben Salamanca or 785-368-2403

*All Registrants will receive additional information on gear to bring to the course

Steven Jimerfield is a retired Alaska State Trooper with 28 years of experience in law enforcement. Over twenty years of experience in training law enforcement personnel in defensive/control tactics. Jimerfield is experienced in training principles and methods of curriculum development. He is also certified by the Alaska Superior Court System as an expert witness in Self-Defense. He is a certified instructor/trainer in Instructor Development, Use of Force, Use and Application of Pepper Spray, Tactical Baton, Weapons Retention Kutz Method, Police Physical Fitness Specialist and is a member of the International Martial Arts Association holding advanced ranks in: Taiho Jitsu, Judo, Jujitsu, and Karate.Related crimes. He has assisted dozens of law enforcement agencies including the NYPD, NYSP, DEA, FBI, USDA, local police agencies, criminal investigators, and others. He has provided expert testimony on hundreds of prosecutions and is a highly sought-after consultant and trainer in the area of fraud crimes. He is a master instructor for Homefront Protective Group, the nation’s leading provider of law enforcement training.
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