From Rock Bottom to Full Staff

From Rock Bottom to Full Staff

How the Topeka Police Department Navigated the Recruiting and Hiring Crisis

Jan 8th-9th, 2020 0830-1700

Topeka, KS

Cost: $299

This 2-day course will showcase the ground-breaking recruitment initiatives that have been successful for the Topeka Police Department.

We are excited to have Professor Charles Scheer of the University of Southern Mississippi as a class contributor. Dr. Scheer was recently awarded the 2019 IACP Leadership in Law Enforcement Research Award for his innovative work with police agencies. Dr. Scheer’s expertise includes workforce management, training, police legitimacy, and police recruitment and retention strategies.

Topics discussed will include:

  • Effective recruiting and hiring presentations
  • Sales and marketing
  • TPD’s recruiting and hiring journey
  • What hasn’t worked
  • Fighting on two fronts: recruiting and retention
  • Results driven recruiting
  • Why you need to stop attending career fairs
  • What to do with the recruiting and hiring budget
  • The cultural shift your department needs
  • Travelling testing and internship programs
  • Interest in Police Patrol Careers: Data From Five Criminal Justice Programs

Skip the consulting group knowledge reporters delivering the same cliché messages about millennials. Spend two days learning from subject matter experts currently immersed in LE recruiting and hiring.

It’s time to evolve law enforcement recruiting and hiring practices. Gone are the days of running out of applications at the front desk. Stop standing around at career fairs and start hiring!


Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone with a vested interest in successful LE recruiting and hiring (recruiting and hiring officers and team members)
  • Anyone involved in LE budget and resource allocation (administrators, Chiefs, Sheriffs, human resources)

Contact Laura Stuhr to register.